Sunday, June 6, 2010

CINEMA CORNER: Passengers (U.S., 2008)

Terrible.  Basically a femmie movie though--this might be the Fried Green Tomatoes of horror.  Unlike the 'Twilight' movies, this one does manage to create an eerie mood in a few scenes, but it's all tossed down the drain by the overly repetitious somber music and incredibly dull dialogue: 'Like I have this sister and she and I don't get along and stuff cuz like we have different views on life and like she doesn't all answer my emails.'

Actually, it's probably for the same people who would buy a DVD of the American take on Dark Water: Giant girls.  So if you have a room full of stuffed bears, this movie is for you.

I will give Anne Hathaway one thing--you can not not look at her freakily beautiful
face. Those eyes and lips are just way too huge for that skull and

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