Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Am A Woman And I Am Pro-Life by Raneesh Ponnuru

Greetings.  As a pro-life woman, I would just like to speak on behalf of other pro-life women.  Many of us women--especially those of us brown-skinned women of color that people like Michelle Obama and Donna Brazil enjoy feeling so smugly superior to (as communist-socialist-liberal-elites), it is truly wonderful that humble women of color who are stereotyped as weak and powerless by the liberal media can come out, stand together, and show our love for life and god by making sure other women do not get birth control..

For example, Carly Fiorina, who as a woman with some sort of ethnic-sounding name and and a former humble CEO of Hewlett-Packard--and like most former CEOs, cannot get pregnant and has never had children--Carly Girl understands how precious life is.  Because her barren uterus gives her the insight to judge what is right for other women, especially those living below the federal poverty line, she knows in her heart that her only hope to win the Repulican nomination was to be anti-abortion.

Many more women of color (like myself) would be pro-life as well if only they were not being misled by the liberal elite.  While many impoverished women buy into the liberal myth that they can choose what is best for themselves and their families, the truth is quite different--only wealthy and powerful women with ethnic sounding names can actually know what is best for your family.

Regardless of your family's race, religion, social status, genetics, medical history, or any other factors, the most important thing is that the Republican Party knows what is best for your family.  And the editors of the National Review? Please, we know, oh dear do we know!

And if that means putting a woman in prison until she conceives and then taking her child away from her and giving it to complete strangers approved of by the evil government (which we pro-life women loathe and despise), then so be it.   Because the ends justifies the means when the ends is more babies.  (Unless we have to bomb the shit out of them--but that's God's Will, which is totally different from birth control and abortion--which is Free Will.)

I am a beautiful woman of color and I wrote this message.
Raneesh Ponnuru, Senior Schill, National Review

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