Friday, March 18, 2011

Only In America, Crazy Lady

Michelle Malkin: NJ shuts down Barack Obama Elementary School

Thank you, Michelle Malkin, for making us laugh about racism again. And closing an elementary school? Well, it's a public school, and in New Jersey, so I'm sure no one there was learning a thing anyway.

And your registered users who can leave remarks on your web site about the president's race (he might be black)...delightful. Where else but America can a brown person participate in the mocking of another person because he looks 'foreign'. Yes, only in America, I'm sure can a woman who once would have been relegated to a laundromat now disparage everyone who doesn't think exactly as she does. So thank you Michelle, for showing everyone, everyday, exactly what sort of person you really are: A nasty hate-spewing bitch.

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