Thursday, July 22, 2010

World's Business Leaders Come Together In "Responsibility For Others" Campaign

Important Business Leader Willing To Discuss What Is
Wrong With Everyone Else

Business leaders of from all over the world issued a joint statement today, declaring that they have reached mutual agreement on a number of issues, including global warming, pollution, malnutrition and obesity, too much health care or too little, water shortages across the globe and numerous other problems facing humanity.

"Dear Humanity, please buck up and take responsibility for yourselves.  If you don't like pollution, stop using electricity. Don't drive and don't burn fuel of any kind.  Got it? If you're worried about overfishing, stop eating.  It's not the fault of the wealthiest and most powerful to do anything but think of how to become more wealthy and powerful. And also enjoy being wealthy and powerful.  So please do not expect us to do anything except wait until you are not paying attention."

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