Monday, July 5, 2010

Mexico? More Like Reagamexico!

Elections highlight challenges facing drug-scarred Mexico - Washington Post

Reagonomics does work.  We've seen it work again and again in America, from minimum wage Wal-Mart slaves to alien hotel maids and janitors, and now we're seeing it south of the border in Old Mexico.  Small, medium, and large-sized businesses are prospering in Old Mexico.  A healthy, vigorous trade has grown across the border, in a lively exchange of goods and services.  Like some exquisite ballet, America's  junkies, although impoverished by U.S. standards, still have enough microfinancing power to capitalize significant portions of the Mexican economy.  

Just as the ancient river fertilized the Nile Valley, so this flow of cash fertilizes and continually regenerates Mexico's narcotics trade, which blooms in the brilliant sun like a beautiful garden.  And we all benefit: We in America access to the wonderful consumer-oriented products of this bounty, and all they want are guns and money.  Thusly the American economy is stimulated with the  purchase America's wonderful semi-automatic rifles. Win-win.  

Thank you for showing us the way, Mr. President. Thank you.

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