Friday, July 30, 2010

Lezzed Off!

Ms. 45 Is Nun Crazy

Real Lesbians, Real IMDB Comments, Real Misandry
"This film was created by a man, and and it shows. The two main characters in this movie, embody virtually every straight male fantasy/fear, that they have about lesbians, and women in general. 
Many if not most hetero men, think that women are dangerous, and that they should be very wary of them. And if a woman is also vulgar, foul-mouthed, sexually insatiable, and bisexual rather than exclusively lesbian, then she's every straight man's wet dream....Best to skip this turkey of a film, and see movies that have realistic, human, and likable lesbian characters 

[If I want to see realistic people of any sort I'll just look out my door.  If I want to see someone who looks like Penelope Cruz, I'll probably have to go to the cinema or maybe just find a high-class prostitute.  And could there be anything worse than a woman who wants sex as much as a man? Probably not.  I certainly hope I never meet one.]

"Generally I love lesbian films but this is an exception. The premise sounds like it could be interesting but the execution is hugely disappointing. The acting seems amateurish, there's no real plot, and - worst of all - we get no insight at all into why these women seem to be able to murder men with absolutely no compunction or feeling."

[How much should one feel when during a murder? Good question.]

Potentially the most interesting aspect of such a tale might be the exploration of why two women might be so angry at men that they make a career out of slaughtering them." 

[Not "why", of course, just why would you be sooo angry at men, that you would risk staining your favorite blouse from at-close-range blowback.]

I've always tried to keep an open mind about film makers working outside areas of their own experience but this movie is a really, really good argument for avoiding "lesbian" films made by men.

[Okay guys, please restrain yourselves the next time you want to make a quick buck with a cheap flick about homicide or lesbians or homicidal lesbians.  Perhaps restrict yourself to something you know, such as downloading porn.  I see a fascinating piece of indie cinema right there--a guy in front of a computer for 90 minutes.  And if you have a casting couch, by all means film that as well.  At any rate, let's just be grateful that lesbians, like men, can also be bigoted in an unintentionally hilarious fashion.]

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