Thursday, May 6, 2010

When Your Parasites Have Parasites

Giant tab to sort through the Lehman Brothers mess - Mar. 12, 2010

When Your Parasites Have Parasites
by Professor Bobo

Inside every parasite, upon dissection, we will frequently find that it that Mother Nature has wrought another miracle: Through the miracle of evolution, we find that evolution discovered yet another niche. For example, as we slice open the corpse of financiers who peddled worthless tripe and fed off the renumeration, look at what we find when we open the body...we make an incision...and voilĂ ! A huge gaggle of insidious parasites living within the parasite spill out, their repulsive wormy appendages held out for fees! Observe how they pad expense accounts and overcharge for the most menial of tasks! Truly the attorney is as miraculous and wondrous as any of Christ's miracles.

And that concludes our lecture for today. Remember, extra credit for anyone who can find an attorney living in their garden!

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