Friday, May 7, 2010

Does Hollywood Where All Evil Originates Need Naked Smutty Women To Sell Prodcuts?

As we all know, Real & Virtuous Americans (that's you!) hate smut. Especially the evil smut that comes out of Hollywood and which Hollywood uses to push deodorant and movies from Fox. So please feel free to hate Hollywood and anyone who lives or works there, as they do not represent True Americans (who watch Fox News) at all.

In the meantime, consider reading our article about Hottest Dancing Divas with photos of aforementioned hot women, and you might also consider clicking on our ads--we do not endorse the use of young attractive women to sell products--we just take their money. And please enjoy watching Fox News, with it's large staff of young, attractive reporters who definitely were not hired because they look good while reading a teleprompter.

Thank you and enjoy a smut-free afternoon. - More Companies Turning to Nude Celebs to Push Products, Promote Causes

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