Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sarah Palin To Give Folksy Speech About Some Crap

Palin started talking on about some folksy bullshit about the behavior of 'mama tapirs', although she would not give a dormouse's turd to prevent their extinction, and then proposed the formation of a movement to foment the beginning of conservative yet feminist identity: The Conservative Union of National Tapir Sisters (or CUNTS) to promote a "messin' around in other folks' business."

"She described her now-2-year-old son Trig as her family's 'greatest blessing.' She said he was 'God whispering in my ear, saying, 'Are you going to cash in on the family-values speaking engagements with this kid or what? He's a goddamn gold mine!' And then I became a veep nominee and I said, 'Well by the gums of Moses, I not only struck gold, I hit the dang-nabbit mother lode! I started doing a jig right then and there, and while my family played She's Comin Round The Mountain with their fiddle, harmonica, kazoo and whiskey jug. Todd was at the whore house as I's recollect.'"

Palin pushes abortion foes to form 'conservative, feminist identity':

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