Friday, March 26, 2010


Carradine Sings! Lugosi Dances!
Um, but not in this movie...

The really weird thing about this, is that some of the dialogue seems to have been lifted word-for-word by the auteur of Manos:The Hands Of Fate, as
well as some of the corresponding shots (Mainly, thinking of the Torgo-Margaret confrontation, it's eerily similar to the Lugosi-blonde hypnotization scene. Could Ralph P. Warren have seen it like a whole bunch of many times when he was a kid or
somehow have a copy on 16mm? Or was it just a load of overused cliches found in every B horror film of the 40s/50s?

Also noteworthy is that 'Disembudio' sings "Night Train To Mundo Fine" over the end credits--the excuse being that John Carradine was in this turkey as well as RED ZONE CUBA (listed on IMDB as "Night Train To Mundo Fine".)

I think all the music fans here will appreciate John Carradine's greatest
vocal performance ever.

Also note worthy in that John Carradine plays a total spazz, badly enough
that yes it is funny. We can see now why he was never seen in these
PeterLorre type roles ever again. (Okay, that I know of--let's hope he

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