Thursday, March 25, 2010

And Now We Doff Our Respective Caps To: Christian Bimbos.

I'm hoping "doff" is the equivalent of "take off", and not "put on", but really could anyone care?
Okay, back to Christian bimbos.  There they are, they really make the effort to look pretty and glamorous and yet somehow innocent, and even with their children in tow you can't really imagine them ever having sex or certainly not enjoying it. Yet there they are all the same, radiating femininity, prettiness, and no-I've-never-changed-my-own-motor-oil, all in one bubbly, happy, cheerful Jesus-loving package, a walking advertisement for every over-the-counter beauty enhancement product known to humankind.  And of course, we must include a photo of The Ultimate Jesus Freaky Bimbo Of All Time without which no mention of them would be complete: And of course I mean sweet, adorable, squeaky-clean Kathy Ireland.  We salute thee Ms. Ireland!
(A joke about with what will be saluted and fired is so obvious that I'm just going to skip it.)

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