Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reading Between the Sheets - Readers' Comments -

Reading Between the Sheets - Readers' Comments -
It's very important to remember that humans are definitely not animals, and therefore sexuality is completely shaped by social pressures. (Men can get pregnant, they just refuse to do it because they're spoiled, self-centered bastards.) And we can be certain that women don't "give a fig" about such pressures anymore, which is why they would read this article and then post a comment about it.
And it is certainly unfair to poor, poor Jenny Sanford that men behave so atrociously. All she has now is her book deal and maybe a run for the Senate to console her, and maybe a few millions in alimony. But of what use is money and power when you've lost your husband (who bought you a used bicycle) to some latina trollop? Sounds pretty horrible. Well, I'm sure she will not try to make a quick buck off of her story--that would just demean her (and for some reason, it seems, women everywhere). deadrodentyping

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