Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sandra Tsing Loh Breakup Bonzo Naughty No No!

Is there anything better than writers/essayists who spend countless hours talking about life as if they knew more than anyone else and then they turn out to be screw-ups just like everyone else? Or seem perpetually honest but then that honesty turns out to be a self-serving narcissism, which is you ever heard them speak was pretty fucking obvious all along. (And there's something satisfying about a woman writing about motherhood and then doesn't even want custody but instead now writes about how awful marriage is and how she can't live with in the boundaries 'society' tries to confine her....So there's the secret of success--be a completely shameless, exploit family life as a source of 'creativity' and say whatever is most pleasing to your own ears. You'll find an audience somewhere.)

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