Sunday, December 27, 2009

Puzzle Corner: The Sunday Puzzle.

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From Stephen, Australia: “What is a nickel? Is it like a tuppence?  and can you make it a prolonged and time-consuming response? I like to enjoy my tedium, thank you very much.    


A "nickel" is like a "tuppence", except that you multiply the "tupp" by 10, divide it by the 5000th of a league, cube the result, then add pi rounded to the 10000000th place, subtract the size of Meryl Streep's narcissism measured in astronomical units, and divide by Condaleezza Rice's compassion + the 10th root of 99 (remember: you can't divide by Zero). Then multiply by zero and add five. (Answer below.)


Answer: There is no correct answer, but you should have asked yourself, why am I doing this? You'll still get a shitty grade, though.

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