Wednesday, December 16, 2015

gop brides: many called, only one can be sold

A freight car loaded with would-be brides for the Republican Party paused before bright lights and cameras last night. Much assent was heard from the crowd as each marketed himself as the heir to Reagan's throne. Some sold themselves as willing to order others to kill with utter ruthlessness; others, as byproducts of hyper-efficient Darwinian free markets which weed out the weak, frail and sickly, leaving only the most pompous and bloated of windbags alive. Others said basically the same thing but tried to appear reasonable about how many would be slaughtered in the name of freedom. After what felt like an eternity, the small herd was packed into the freight car, and the circus traveled to yet another town, to amuse the adults and delight the children with their antics and promises to rain death from above on anyone who screws with our great nation...and so on and so on, till the final day of selection arrives.
#GOP #2016 #BeAfraidBeVeryAfraid

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