Sunday, August 9, 2015

Meanwhile, On National Republican Radio...

NPR: They will bravely tackle any issue as long as it involves issues that happened in "the past" and therefore which no amount of debate will change, or find a way to courageously avoid any actual, current issue. It takes courage to run away, but I suppose if journalists were honest, they'd all be run out their jobs and replaced with the gutless spineless sacks of shit that fill National Republican Radio, CNN, and pretty much any 'mainstream' tv or radio outlet these days.

So yes, an urgent debate about whether or not an event took place in a non-changeable (i.e. HIroshima and Nagasaki) past without a single mention of nuclear proliferation, because that would upset the ones currently in control of their budget (because we know Iran cannot be trusted, unlike the other nations with thousands of warheads aimed at us).

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