Friday, October 22, 2010

No Progress Please

Obama wants us to believe that energy comes form the sun.  However, Americans are too intelligent to fall victim to this insane fabrication.
As John Galton (superhero from the graphic novel, Fountainhead Rocks You, about a man who is capable of breathing only his own ego) would say, "Energy comes from burning stuff."  Just not where I live, I can afford to live well away from a power plant.

But with Barack Obama restoring solar panels to the White House roof--environmentalism as a didactic gesture--are we not witnessing evidence of a '70s revival? Even worse, Obama pledged he would do one thing during his campaign, but then--did a different thing.  What kind of topsy-turvy world is this where people don't always do precisely what they said they would do?

Witness my disgust at a politician failing to do exactly what he said he would do--surely this was the first in the history of the world.  Has anyone before Obama ever done such a thing?  And what am I complaining about? That he neglected energy policy? No. That he wanted to pass a health care bill before an energy bill.  The point is not that I hate everything he does.

It's just that I hate everything he does. And he shifted "priorities", changing #1 to #2, and #2 to #1.  Never mind that I hate, despise, and loath #1, #2 regardless of their numerical value.  The point is that I can insinuate that Obama is a duplicitous hypocrite.  Unlike every other politician I've ever opined about, apparently.

But never mind that, I have infinite amounts of disgust (after all, what else will make the world a better place?).

What further disgusts me is that not only did the Democrats fail to do anything to prevent Global Warming--which delights me--but still disgusts me that they would do anything for to try to make the world a better place--but now I'll do what I love to do.  Point out something Congress did  that was rather trivial (and disgusting) in order to contrast that with their failure to accomplish anything grander.  So not only the are the Democrats disgusting and repulsive to me as policy-makers, they're weak and spineless as well.  Not real men like the professional baseball players I love to watch for hours on end, observing their catlike grace and masculine agility in a totally non-homoerotic way.

For sheer annoyingness, the feminine weakness of the Democratics matches Congress's 1973 imposition of a 55 mph speed limit..  Is there anything more repulsive or disgusting than thinking that lives might have been saved by government?  If I had children now I would never employ a baby carrier or seat belt.  Better dead (or brain-dead) than Red.

And now the liberals decry the free use of free speech. (By which I mean speech that must be bought on TV/radio/websites.)  And everyone knows that the greatest form of communication is the 60-second commerical--who wants to read King Lear if you can get the same information in a 30-second spot sandwhiched between House MD  and a Family Guy rerun.

Furthermore, did you know that billionaires spend less on political advertising than they do on yachts and exotic foreign mistresses?

And Americans don't want help. They just want Medicare, Social Security, good roads, bridges, electricity, clean water, clean air, economic security, 24/7 access to cable TV and the Internet, and crime-free neighborhoods. And the government out of their lives.  (As long as it provides Medicare, Social Security, clean water, clean air....well you get the point.)

I hope you are as disgusted as I am.  For then we are both Americans.

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