Sunday, October 3, 2010

Charles Deathhammer - Liberals, The REAL Bigots

Chuckie Deathhammer back and ready to get to the point: I was shuddering at the ugliness of the liberal-left-elite in their liberal-retreat as I ran my wheelchair over a field mouse the other day. Then I shot it through the head with a 9mm pistol twice just to make sure it was dead. One can't be too careful these days.

(I had good reason to believe the mouse was an adherent of Islam with possible Al-Qaeda contacts; rumor had it that he had his satellite dish was tuned to Aljazeera, or possibly Al Jarreau. Either way, we can't take chances. Afterwards a CIA drone was dispatched to wipe out the mouse's family in a manner that I'm sure was in accord with the Geneva Convention. Actually, I called the CIA and they just hung up on me so I called Fred's Pest Control. Not Al's Pest Control--sounds suspiciously Arabic. Please, I'm not crazy.)

The point is, our enemies are everywhere, surrounding us at all times, ready to strike us down or perhaps just gnaw their way into our pantries and taint our flour with their blasphemous Islamist incisors. However, the morally corrupt liberals cry "racism" to hide from the truth that they cannot face: White people do not hate liberals--just their policies.

Liberal policies might benefit someone other than yourselves--and that is not freedom.  In fact they have led to a vigorous counter-reaction: The Tea Party. They hate the government as much as they love their Medicare and SS benefits and tax-exempt retirement contributions, government-regulated roadways, power, and water services. And so they are right to hate, fear, and despise Obama for reasons that are not particularly clear to anyone, other than race but that's okay, because there must be a good reason for it. For if life teaches us one thing, we must never question the motives of our allies. (Until they turn on us.)

So today's situation is completely different from times past when there was a fear of people who were different. It's not, after all, like the prejudice that once prevailed against Judaism, Catholicism, Irishism, or Japanism. This time, it's a fear of government. Which just happens to be run by a black man. Who has tried to modify health insurance. Now, I've never been without health insurance, but if I had a choice between medical care and freedom, I would choose freedom every time. And so would any decent American.  Would you rather have a child be treated for cancer, or freedom? Yes, real Americans such as you and me would choose our precious, precious freedom--but liberals would prefer to treat a disease.  Nasty buggers.

So in conclusion, White America, liberals are brown and scary and want to take your freedom and breed with your daughters and that is why you should vote Republican.  Because you like freedom.  And unlike that facist-Islamist-terrorist field mouse.

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