Saturday, June 13, 2015

Black or White? Woman’s Story Stirs Up a Furor -

Above: Artist's rendering of alleged white-and-or-black
Black or White? Woman’s Story Stirs Up a Furor -

"You, sir, are worse than Hitler (the simpsons)." Is this what social media is for, freak of the week/scapegoat of the week? Of course it is. Well, okay then: She's the worst person in the world till we forget she ever existed. I'd give it till Monday. (Sorry, if you want the limelight to last, you have to drown your kid AND get Nancy Grace on the case. Or some equally sleazy reporter also clamoring for his spot on the stage.) We should probably burn her at the stake at the very least and see if we can extract some magic out of her.

But there's the proverbial silver lining: Every week we collectively demand a scapegoat to either love or hate (depending on the politics of aforesaid scapegoat). Hatred of someone we don't know, of someone's life we have not lived, is a great way to reaffirm one's identity and justify our innate ethnocentric tendencies--all without actually accomplishing anything or assisting anyone or doing any bit of good whatsoever. It's fantastic!

At any rate, it's good to know that for some people, no matter how successful they are in life or what virtues they possess, they will have parents who will try to royally fuck them in the ass via the press.


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