Sunday, August 16, 2009

Universal healthcare is terrorist recruitment tool

Speaking of that video--

( Universal healthcare is terrorist recruitment tool

--how terrifying is it that Canada has national health care, and
dangerous--whereas Mexico, an incredibly safe and crime-free nation, has
none? I fear for the safety of Minnesotans, especially Lake Woebegone.

But still...isn't it fucking awesome that you can get paid huge sums of
money without having to make any sense whatsoever?

I went to graduate school on a loan, no stipend, and my research had to
establish some sort of logical connection between facts...wherea's these
people are paid to cherry-pick whatever alleged factoids fit their
argument...and some are paid millions per year to do exactly that!

It's fucking awesome! Think about it. If you try to conjecture a rational
argument, you'll make nothing. But if you deliberately avoid making any
sense, and instead blurt out half-truths and plain lies like a hurt little
schoolboy, people might hand you giant bags of money. Or give you tenure
in the Dept. of Education, or a job in a right-wing think tank...America
fucking kicks ass!

You can convince people that an impoverished nation is a threat to America,
that guns save lives, that the gold will rain down from the sky...God I
love this country!

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